From new homes to large scale commercial developments, we offer complete project management for all new builds

New Builds

FBR Construction takes the stress out of any build, overseeing every aspect of your project.

We have a great team that will work alongside you to ensure that every requirement is taken into consideration, and will liaise with you on each decision to put your ideas and aspirations into practice.

For example, the majority of people tackle a project like this head on, without knowing the laws,regulations, etc. of how to exactly go about it. Quantities? Resources? Machinery? This is where FBRC comes in. With over a decade of experience we are fully capable to handle any and every aspect of your build.

When you plan on building a new home, you must look at the home from many angles and consider your current and future lifestyles:

  • Will your family be expanding?
  • Will your children be leaving the nest?
  • Do you entertain often or host overnight guests regularly?

Poor design choices can end up being expensive in the long run. We are fully qualified & experienced to help you make the best decisions for your lifestyle whilst tailoring them to your budget.

Aspects that we cover with all our clients before initial building include:

  • the importance of an energy efficient home
  • the importance of utilising all space available
  • project scope
  • the best way to utilise natural light

See our Work

See our photo gallery of new builds for examples of previous work we have carried out.